August 15, 2019

Jon Leo Named Construction Specialist

by Meaghan Murphy

Jon Leo Named Construction Specialist

Jon Leo has been named a Construction Specialist of the firm.

In this role, Jon will work with design teams to review documents and anticipate any potential challenges the project could face in the field, enabling the teams to anticipate questions and respond accordingly through design and documentation, rather than leaving items to be addressed during construction. He will also provide on-site construction administration services as needed to ensure that the final built product reflects the design team’s drawings and client’s expectations.  

During his time at GWWO, Jon has focused primarily on K-12 education projects. Most recently, Jon has been overseeing construction of the new 275,764-SF Crofton Area High School. In addition, he has worked on the replacement Fredrick High School, new Arundel Elementary School, and renovation and expansion of Tulip Grove Elementary School, among others. He graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design with Bachelor of Fine Arts in architecture and Master of Architecture degrees.