Morven Museum & Garden Stockton Education Center

Princeton, NJ

Visitor reception/orientation, ticketing, gift shop
Flexible multipurpose event and gathering space
Offices, conference room, catering space
Coordination with local preservation review committees and councils
Morven Museum & Garden
Programming, Fundraising Materials, Cost Estimating, Full Design Services, Construction Administration, Building Information Modeling

Bearing a secondary relationship to the site’s main house—a National Historic Landmark built by Richard Stockton, a signer of the Declaration of Independence— the new Morven Museum & Garden interpretive center has a welcoming character and strong relationship to the surrounding gardens.  The design breaks down the center’s massing into connecting parts with varying heights related to the site’s existing outbuildings, while maintaining a maximum building height to further minimize the impact on the site.  

Entering through the garden gate, visitors follow a path to the building in a gracious sequence that allows for views of the main house and gardens.  A clear and welcoming destination, the new center houses all practical necessities, allowing the main house to be used purely as a museum and preserving the site’s most important element.