Manassas Museum

Manassas, VA

Special exhibit hall, permanent gallery
Collections storage, offices, support space
Outdoor courtyard, amphitheater, patio
Sustainable design features
City of Manassas
Programming, Site Analysis, Fundraising Materials, Community Involvement, Cost Estimating, Sustainable Design, Interior Design, Full Design Services, Construction Administration, Building Information Modeling

Prominently located in Baldwin Park and on axis with the
City of Manassas’ main economic thoroughfare, the Manassas Museum is a community center, providing space for education, conversation, and connection that instills regional pride.

The addition and renovation will transform the physical relationship between the museum, park, and city by removing an existing isolating courtyard wall and siting the addition to engage the community, fully activate the town green space, and improve visitor flow. The expansion will elevate the museum’s presence, responding to its role as a significant piece of civic architecture while respecting the scale of the historic core and view of the building’s iconic cupola. Visible from the nearby train station, the expansion will attract new visitors to learn the story of Manassas and provide opportunities to educate, unite, and grow the community.

Contextual yet distinct, the new addition flanks the building’s existing wings and graciously welcomes those arriving from Baldwin Park. Clad in pre-patinated copper, the form of the special exhibit hall opens to the park creating dynamic views that engage visitors and the community. The administrative wing, located opposite the special exhibit hall, is a quieter composition complementing the existing building. A re-envisioned courtyard and amphitheater link the park and museum together and will provide flexible outdoor programming space activating both the museum and the park. A new entry and corridors with transparent glazing along the courtyard will create a continual dialogue between the museum and outdoor spaces.

Current View of Manassas Museum from Battle Street
View of Reimagined Manassas Museum from Battle Street
Current view (left) and reimagined view (right) of Manassas Museum from Battle Street