Hampton National Historic Site

Towson, MD

Sustainable geothermal system for heating and cooling
Preservation of interior plaster and decorative woodwork
Rehabilitation of original windows and doors
Review and approval by the State Historic Preservation Officer
National Park Service, Hampton National Historic Site
Sustainable Design, Full Design Services

One of the largest, most ornate houses built in 18th century America, Hampton Mansion required solutions for the installation of new environmental controls and fire protection systems that would balance the sometimes competing needs of building fabric, collections, and visitors.  

This project sensitively integrated the new systems into the structure, choosing an approach that prioritized preventing irreparable damage to the historic fabric.  The new humidity controls eliminate the significant fluctuations that were causing deterioration, establishing a tighter range that benefits the building fabric, while also improving conditions for the collections and visitor comfort.  A wet pipe sprinkler system was chosen for its less intrusive installation requirements, paired with an early warning aspirating smoke detection system intended to allow quick detection and response to potential fire events before any water is utilized.


Preservation Maryland Stewardship Award
Baltimore County Historical Trust Preservation Project Award