September 18, 2015

GWWO Named Best Place to Work

GWWO Named Best Place to Work

GWWO is thrilled to announce that we’ve been named a Best Place to Work by the Baltimore Business Journal.

A finalist in 2014, GWWO emerged as a winner this year, coming in second place in the midsize category. According to firm president Alan Reed “This doesn’t tell us anything we didn’t already know. What makes anywhere a great place to work are the firm’s employees and I am proud every day to say that ours are hands down the best.”

So how did we become a Best Place to Work? After a nomination process, Quantum Workplace, an independent partner, surveyed each firm’s employees to gain a measure of employee satisfaction. Based on the overall results, a numerical value was assigned to each business from which 30 finalists emerged and then winners were selected.

This year’s theme—Beyond the Beer Fridge—required finalists to answer “what beer would best describe your company?” After much thought, the Tell Tale Heart IPA by Raven Beer was determined to fully embrace the essence of GWWO. As an IPA, its flavor is big and bold and with a 7.25% alcohol content, it certainly lives up to our “Work Hard, Play Hard” mantra. It’s also locally brewed, just like us. This craft beer also reflects the history and culture of Baltimore in its packaging and certainly is responsive to the local environment, which is very similar to the way in which we design.