University of Maryland Baltimore Book Store

Baltimore, MD

Bookstore, office, stockroom, meeting room
New stair and elevator
Integrates with and provides access to the building’s main receiving and loading dock area
Involved collaboration with store operator Barnes & Noble
University of Maryland Baltimore
Full Design Services, Construction Administration, Building Information Modeling

A key campus circulation path runs between the main lobby and gathering space of the Southern Management Corporation Campus Center and the adjacent health sciences library. Intended to give prominence to the retail options within, design of the new bookstore engages this path, seamlessly integrating the store with the center’s main floor. A wide, welcoming entry attracts passersby and the use of glass storefront provides needed security while maintaining a visual connection with the adjacent student gathering space. University apparel and related items are displayed on the bookstore’s main floor, with stacks, stock room, and online order pick-up above.

The project also provided the campus center with a new “green room” for group study, meetings, and presentations.