National Sailing Hall of Fame

Annapolis, MD

Exhibit space, theater, library, gift shop
Community room, classroom, offices
Outdoor viewing deck, terrace
Sustainable design features
Design Competition

Positioned at the water’s edge, this sailing hall of fame is dedicated to both the history of racing and its future.


Graceful and elegant, the sailboat derives her beauty from function: the straightforward structure of the mast, hull, and keel are rigid while the system of sails is malleable and constantly changing. The design interprets this dynamic through the simplicity of its form and the variability of its louvered skin. A sailor’s view changes as the sail’s position does, and so too does the visitor’s view, both inside and out, as the building’s louvered facade adjusts and breathes. Just behind this screen the triple height glass enclosed lobby and interactive exhibit spaces showcase a full-scale sailboat that is suspended above the entry level, affording the visitor a unique view of the vessel.

As a ‘gateway to sailing,’ the structure encourages interaction between visitors and the water, whether viewing a race from the canopied deck, participating in a group instruction in the covered outdoor gathering area, or watching The America’s Cup on the semi-transparent screen on the building’s facade. It is sited in a lively downtown area, respectful of the scale and organization of its context and designed such that its form directs both visitors and passers-by to the water. The green space adjacent to the building serves as a lawn for outdoor exhibits, related demonstrations, and viewing races on the building’s digital screen.


AIA Baltimore Design Award

First Floor
First Floor
Second Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor
Third Floor