September 8, 2020

Calling All Nature Seekers: River Mountain Retreat Celebrates Opening Weekend

Calling All Nature Seekers: River Mountain Retreat Celebrates Opening Weekend

Your next outdoor adventure awaits! Distanced by nature, River Mountain Retreat’s new lodging and wellness experience is officially open for visitors, explorers, and seekers.

Featuring modern luxury cabins, remote workspace, and the great outdoors, River Mountain Retreat is the ideal destination for staycationers, road trippers, and remote workers. The next generation outpost combines modern working and sleeping accommodations with unparalleled access to nature, outdoor adventure, and wellness experiences. It gives Millennials and Gen Z'ers a workspace to enjoy nature while social distancing. Not far from DC, Baltimore, or Pittsburgh, the site’s historic, 150-acre farmstead affords views of a majestic mountain.

The new cabins are sited at the forest’s edge, where sounds of running water and forest creatures contribute to a restorative environment. Arranged in pairs, each set of cabins shares a common outdoor gathering deck space between them. The orientation of each pair of cabins enables River Mountain to easily accommodate both small and large group gatherings, depending on the programmatic requirements of the guests’ curricula.

In designing the cabins, GWWO Principal Terry Squyres said, “River Mountain’s vision inspired us to create an environment throughout the site and buildings that fosters a restorative relationship with nature. Central to that concept is architecture that is designed to reconnect River Mountain’s guests to their natural circadian rhythms, with a focus on natural daylighting, fresh air, and spaces that support the retreat’s daily routines of adventure and reflection.”

The state-of-the-art accommodations are designed to find harmony with our body's natural circadian rhythm. The predominantly glass eastern façade of the new cabins illuminates the sleeping bunks with the morning rays, waking guests with views toward the bank of Sweet Root Creek and reestablishing a natural circadian rhythm.  At day’s end, darkness establishes a time for rest, when each resident relaxes in their bunk with a personal view of the stars above and the forest’s edge. Large, operable windows also ensure plenty of fresh air.

“Designed by award-winning architecture firm, GWWO, our accommodations are a destination in and of themselves. Our thoughtfully crafted glamping pods blend modern amenities, the comforts of home, and the beauty of the outdoors -- this is glamping.” 

- River Mountain Retreat