Whether your goal is planning for short or long-term facility needs, we will integrate both into a plan that accounts for the domino effects of campus planning and is adaptable to changing conditions, opportunities, and challenges—while providing overall guiding principles for the future. 

What Our Clients Say

“During both the master planning and design process, the GWWO team was curious, creative, attentive, and receptive. They listened to our needs, understood our preferences, and worked with us to explore options. They developed plans that responded to the specific requirements of the Department…”

—D. Mark McCoy, Ph.D., Former Chair, Shepherd University Department of Music

George Washington's Mount Vernon

Site and building master planning for George Washington’s estate focused on blending new and expanded visitor facilities and amenities seamlessly with the existing environment. Strategies for handling large numbers of people in a gracious and expeditious fashion were critical to the planning effort, and major circulation routes and optional alternative paths were carefully considered to facilitate and enhance patron movement.

Canaveral Cove

Master planning efforts for Canaveral Cove engaged a diverse interdisciplinary team of professionals led by GWWO to complete a market study, attendance forecasts, financial feasibility analysis, master planning, programming, and conceptual design for substantial new development within the Cove. The options produced emphasized careful and thoughtful integration of open spaces and connections to the water with infrastructure requirements such as circulation, parking, and utilities, to create an ideal visitor experience.

University of Baltimore

Leaders of the University of Baltimore believe that education works—for people, neighborhoods, and society as a whole. This master plan is focused on helping them achieve their goals for education for the next 10 years, including detailed assessment of the University’s land, facilities, space utilization, and energy use; analysis of current and future needs; campus development plan; and 10-year implementation plan. 

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