Building Information Modeling

Since 2007, GWWO has been at the forefront of Building Information Modeling (BIM), using Revit™ software on all projects. BIM is a comprehensive database of building information that can be catalogued and analyzed, leading to greater efficiency, coordination, visualization, and documentation—and an easier, more coordinated construction phase. Its inherent 3D nature provides incredible project visualization for the entire project team, throughout the design and construction process.

Two benefits of BIM are enhanced design understanding and team coordination. Building systems can be isolated and reviewed independently, as shown in the structural model above on the left, or considered together to understand and evaluate their relationship, as shown in the model on the right that illustrates both structural and mechanical systems.
Layouts exported from the model are also valuable tools during conversations with building users, enabling them to more fully understand the spaces being designed, leading to more meaningful feedback and ultimate satisfaction with the built project.