Who We Are

GWWO is an award-winning design firm focused on client service and design excellence. We tell our clients' stories through design.

What Our Clients Say

"The completed project exceeds our expectations, and we are very proud of it. Thanks to the GWWO team, students at Frederick High School will benefit from a first-rate learning environment that encourage collaboration, creativity, and impromptu discussion.”

—Elizabeth Pasierb, AICP, Supervisor of Facilities Services, Frederick County Public Schools

What Our Clients Say

“GWWO is an outstanding A/E firm in every respect. Problems were solved in a spirit of teamwork. Quality work, timely actions and complete documentation were routinely achieved. We would pay a premium price to contract with them again.”

—Greg Kindig, Architect, Delaware State Parks

What Our Clients Say

“The firm’s work for the Association over the years has been EXCEPTIONAL...they are at their best when faced with COMPLEX challenges... the success of the buildings is a testament to the imagination, originality and thoughtfulness that GWWO brings to the design process.”

—James C. Rees, former President, George Washington’s Mount Vernon

What Our Clients Say

"It is not surprising to me that GWWO has managed to be selected for so many commissions on Towson University’ campus. The collaborative nature of your firm, combined with your creativity, experience, and expertise have consistently resulted in successful projects that realize their full potential."

—David Mayhew, AIA, University Architect, Towson University