An anchor of Washington College’s main academic square, the expanded and renovated Gibson Center for the Arts puts the arts “on stage” and engages the larger campus community in the arts.  The transparent entry facade invites onlookers and encourages interaction, while the translucent recital hall serves as a visual beacon during evening performances.

Inside, the Music and Drama departments enjoy state-of-the-art teaching and performance spaces.  Outside, new gathering areas and amphitheater-like steps enliven the square and offer a setting for impromptu practice and performance.

2010 Kent County Maryland Best Institutional Design Award

“By drawing every student in to encounter and enjoy drama, music and visual art, the GWWO design will return the arts to their rightful place: at the heart of the Washington College experience.” – Baird Tipson, President, Washington College



  • 440-seat Tawes Theater
  • 175-seat Experimental Theater
  • 200-seat Recital Hall
  • Site design to enhance dialogue between the buildings on Martha Washington Square